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Fresh Couture - Brand Insight

September 10, 2017

Who Are Fresh Couture?

North East England brand Fresh Couture brings together music and fashion. Relative new comers to the urban clothing scene, Fresh Couture was founded in 2014. Basing their identity on street culture and responding to the needs and demands of consumers, Fresh Couture is committed to the modern man. Their presence within the television, music and social media has allowed them to grow quickly and gain success quickly

What Makes Fresh Couture Unique?

This brand pays close attention to emerging trends, giving them an elusive Fresh Couture twist. A premium brand, their garments aim to fill the gap in the market for urban street wear that is not only cutting edge in design and trends but is also quality that lasts. Re defining what couture means, their dynamic logo says it all; Couture with a strike through it. Think you know what couture means in 2017? Fresh Couture is here to warp your brain.


What Can You Expect From Their New Collection?

Fresh Couture’s latest collection embodies everything the modern man wants. Easy pieces you can pull on in a flash with minimal styling needed, the garments say it all. Renowned for their sophisticated Fresh Couture T-shirts, a simple concept that is adaptable for every gentlemen’s style. Whether you prefer muscle tanks, tight fitted, standard sleeve tees or a broad shouldered tank, they’ve got it all.
Fresh Couture’s label has gone from strength to strength in a short space of time. Their small collection of shirts has been all they need to attract the attention of street wear enthusiast’s world over. This season their tops are designed with a trend based palette in mind, rich burgundy, pale peach and timeless slate grey and black. Each piece is instantly recognisable, their large printed logo is unmistakable, immediately grabbing attention. 
The standard crew neck of each Fresh Couture T-shirt has become part of their signature style, masculine and powerful.

Fresh Couture

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