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Foray Clothing - Premium Brought Straight To The Streets

October 02, 2017

Foray Clothing - Premium Brought Straight To The Streets

Who Are Foray Clothing?

Foray Clothing was founded in 2014. A premium performance brand that puts importance on functionality as well as stylish design.


What Makes Foray Clothing Unique?

Foray Clothing uses performance enhancing technology in their collections to ensure you can live life to the fullest in their clothing. Whether you want to go rock climbing, to the gym, camping or just chilling with the guys at poker night, Foray Clothing has you covered. Designed for any weather, Foray Clothing prides itself on being wind, rain and life proof! They believe in garments that last, durable pieces you can wear again and again, all with a streetwise and athletic focus when it comes to style and design.  


What Can You Expect From Their New Collection?

Foray Clothing’s new collection wants you to be proud to wear their label. Their attention to detail is paramount. Foray Clothing T-shirts feature unusual fabrics including velvet, embossed print, mesh and metal accents. Camo print, one of the top trends for this season features highly in Foray Clothing T-shirts and joggers this season. Camo print inserts on sleeves, leg panels and back panels make for extremely stylish and on trend pieces.
Each Foray Clothing T-shirt, hoodie and jogger is subtly branded with their stylish logo. This season, alongside their fashion forward camouflage print are eclectic geometric prints, embossed dot designs and gradient colour patterns.
Foray Clothing cagoule jackets feature heavily in their latest collection, presenting weather proof fabric that is as soft and comfortable as it is perfunctory. You’ll love how each piece of the collection can be stylised with each other as well as slotting in with your existing wardrobe with ease. The colour palette of the season includes black, stone, gray, burgundy and white as well as more exotic colours of sage, pink and electric blue for the daring.